10 Tips on Becoming a Successful Housesitter

29 Jun, 2016

10 Tips on Becoming a Successful Housesitter

Anyone who is responsible, trustworthy, adaptable and open to new experiences will make a great housesitter. It's a plus if you also love animals and keen to travel. House sitting is a fun, learning experience but it's also huge responsibility to be entrusted with someone's home, pets and valuables.

Imagine yourself as a homeowner who is leaving their cherished belongings to a person they barely know. To become an awesome housesitter, you not only need to be trustworthy and dependable, you also need to convince the home owner that you are, in fact, completely reliable and honest.

How do you assure them that you won't wreak havoc while they are gone? Here are 10 tips on how to become successful housesitter.

1. Create a great personal profile

The first thing your potential homeowner will do is check your profile on the website. The expression that a first impression makes a lasting impression is definitely true in this situation.

Treat your profile like your resume and make it brilliant. Add your qualifications, previous housesitting experience, references, friendly photos, and if you want really want to stand out, upload a video introduction of yourself.

2. Your cover letter DOES matter

When you see an amazing housesitting job, don't just apply without thinking. Read the post carefully and pay attention to the requirements. Don’t just copy and paste the text from your profile. Introduce yourself in a friendly manner, respond to their query and assure them you understand the job. Ask questions about the about house, the pets, plants, duration and their expectations. This shows you are interested and responsible.

3. Provide excellent references

Good references have a great influence. If it's your first housesitting assignment, you can acquire references from past employers and teachers to vouch for your capabilities, skills and character.

4. Be adaptable

Every housesitting job has different requirements and responsibilities and you need to adjust accordingly. Some clients want you to look after pets, some want their gardens cared for and some want you to housesit with certain rules. You have to be flexible if you are going to find a variety of house sitting assignments.

5. Be quick!

When a homeowner posts their assignment or contacts you through a website, respond immediately. There are usually many more housesitters than homeowners. Never let a lazy habit get in the way of a good opportunity.

6. Dress appropriately

You are applying for a job. When meeting the homeowners for the first time, dress appropriately. Old, ripped jeans may be comfortable, but they won’t get you a call back.

7. Show confidence

Body language is very important in job interviews as well as housesits. Homeowners are looking for a person who is confident and capable of looking after their home and to handle any circumstance that may arise.

8. Ask questions

From their pet's medications and emergency numbers to the Wi-Fi’s password and the nearby grocery store, make a note of everything you need to make your assignment go off without a hitch!

9. Keep the homeowners updated

Even if they haven't asked you to, keep them updated. This is especially important if they have pets. Use texting and email to stay in touch. Include a photo or two so they feel connected to what is at home.

10. Leave the home as you found it

When the housesitting assignment is over, homeowners should find their home in the same state – or better – than when they left. They shouldn't be left wondering what happened to the vase that was supposed to be on the table. If there were problems, be open and accountable. This will ensure that your trustworthy reputation goes before you.

A follow up ‘thank you’ note goes a long way in getting future assignments.

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