Baby Boomers Get Set to Travel the Globe

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23 Aug, 2016

Baby Boomers Get Set to Travel the Globe

Today’s Baby Boomer generation could become some of the nation’s biggest globetrotters, with well over 14 million of us planning on travelling more regularly over the next five years.

Research shows that travel is at the top of baby boomers agendas, with over half (54%) of us wanting to travel more regularly and to long-haul destinations and a further fifth (22%) of us wanting to go on a once in a lifetime holiday in the next decade.

In fact, travel even takes priority over spending more time with friends and family (48%), getting fit (37%), and finding a healthier way of life (31%).

Over 11% of boomers over 50 plan on travelling on their own, whilst a more conventional bunch of us plan on seeing the sites of the world with our partner (77%) or with friends (26%).

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are top of the list of travel hotspots, with over a quarter (26%) wanting to visit down under, followed by countries in Europe (21%). And whilst some plan on seeing more of the US (8%), people in their 50s and over also want to venture to places as far afield as China, Africa, Russia and Antarctic.

Alongside the appetite to travel, the baby boomers has also set our sights on adventure and experiences, with off-roading (9%), flying a helicopter (10%), scuba diving (7%) and going to music festivals (7%) as activities we would like to tick off their lists in the future.
Research findings shows that Baby Boomers don’t plan to sit back and enjoy a slower pace of life. Quite the opposite in fact, with long haul destinations and a thirst for adventure firmly on our agenda.

Housesitting is fast becoming the new, hot trend that will allow boomers to visit places they probably could not afford through conventional travel agendas. By eliminating the soaring cost of accommodations and eating out, housesitting is a viable alternative to boomers eager to travel while also helping out their fellow homeowners.

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