We are an online match-making service that connects home owners with house sitters. Our site provides a safe, secure portal where both parties can post profiles, house listings, references, etc. and communicate privately to discuss their needs. Home owners can browse through the profiles of house sitters and connect with them directly, or post their house sitting requirements on the website. Houses sitters can browse through home owner listings and apply for any they choose. Searches allow for location-specific searches by city, country or region.

Buying a membership in The HouseSitters Network is an easy process and opens up a world of house sitting opportunities. Once you join, you will be guided on how to set up your personal profile, the key to getting noticed by home owners. The more details you provide about your house sitting experiences, obtaining a police check and having quality reference will help you get house sitting assignments.

Not necessarily. Everyone has to start somewhere and many home owners will consider first-time house sitters, especially if the feel you are trustworthy. Most people have owned a pet, or looked one, and have taken care of a friend or neighbor’s house while they were away. Job references to validate your abilities and trustworthiness also go a long way to giving your profile credibility.

Using a house sitter’s agreement can prevent potential problems since both parties can state what is expected and agree to the terms of the house sit.

Most homeowners look for people they trust and feel a connection with; it’s not always about having tons of house sitting experience. Common sense, confidence, engaging and being trustworthy and responsible goes a long way.

No, it is entirely up to the home owner and house sitter to determine whether they are a match and the terms of their agreement.

Once you register as a member in the HouseSitters Network, you will be able to send home owners a private message and apply for the house sit. We suggest you first complete your house sitters profile, since that is the first place a home owner will look at to get to know who you are. An excellent profile is the essential first step.

Once you become a member you can contact home owners immediately who have listings on our website. The HouseSitters Network also sends an email alert to house sitters 24 hours before the listing is posted on the website.

We highly encourage house sitters to have a police check completed. This substantially adds to your credibility as a trustworthy and committed house sitter.

The annual fee of $48 ($4/month) for either a house sitter or home owner buys a membership. A combined package, which allows you actively post listings as a home owner and apply as a house sitter, is $72 ($6/month) per year.

All members have full access to the benefits of our network including the house sitter profiles, home owner listings, our monthly Journal, a private messaging service, email alerts on house sitting assignments, house and pet sitting forms, ebooks and information on travel, housesitting, articles, blogs, etc.

There is no minimum or maximum time for a house sitting stay. It all depends on the needs of the home owner. Short housesits (3-6 days), mid term (1-4 weeks) and long term (2 month +) are available. Most sitters prefer a couple of weeks or longer, especially if extensive travel is involved.

For most house sitting stays, the home owner does not expect the sitter to pay for the ongoing utilities such as gas, electricity, water, cable, etc. On longer stays, the home owner may negotiate a contribution to the utilities. Make sure these things are discussed before the assignment begins so you are clear on the expectations.

Some home owners like the security of a house sitting agreement that spells out the responsibilities and expectations. You can download a sample House Sitting Agreement here. This is also provided with our ebook, How to Become a Trustworthy House Sitter in 10 Easy Steps available here.

No, most home owners do not require this although it is not an unreasonable request and if you are bonded, it gives more credibility to your profile.

Most often, yes. That is one of the benefits that a house sitter provides for home owners who cannot take their pets with them on their holiday. A detailed discussion on the needs of the pet(s) during the assignment is essential. A Pet Sitter’s Checklist is available here.

We don’t recommended bringing strange pets into a house sitting stay but in some cases the home owner may be obliging. However, you will reduce your chances of getting an assignment. Bringing your pet along needs to be negotiated – and agreed to – with the home owner.

Most home owners do not want families staying in their homes, while other are okay with it. This is up to the home owner to decide.

No, the whole purpose of the house sitting model is to provide an exchange of value, not money. The home owner benefits from having someone take care of their home and pets, while the house sitter receives free accommodation and use of the home.

No, house sitters travel all over the world to housesit. That is one of the exciting aspects of house sitting.

The house sitter’s primary responsibility is to live in and look after the home they are sitting. This includes keeping the house clean and tidy, home security, lawn and garden maintenance, caring for pets, bringing in the mail, dealing with the garbage, phone messages, the occasional maintenance items and anything else the home owner and the house sitter agree on.

Assuming that all went well – and most often it does – you will ask the home owner to post their comments and a reference to your profile. This will help build your reputation and credibility as a house sitter, a key factor in getting more house sits.

Be assured, it does happen! When things do go bump in the night, take responsibility and ownership for whatever happened. If you broke something, let them know. If there was an incident with the neighbors or pets, be up front about it. Most issues are insignificant and loom much larger in our imagination. Being forthright is a noble characteristic.

If you’ve done a thorough job and they are happy with what you provided, it would make sense that they would get a hold of you for future house sitting needs. Always ask for referrals. Most home owners have friends and acquaintances who are looking for competent and trustworthy house sitters.

Simply login to your account, click on the ‘Edit’ button and make the changes you require. Then click ‘Save Changes’ and your profile will be updated immediately.

No. After extensive discussions on this issue with many house sitters and home owners, we chose not to rate house sitters. While ratings are used on some websites, they can also have a negative impact that is not warranted.
Our community of house sitters and home owners is characterized by integrity, responsibility and respect. Rating systems have potential pitfalls that could undermine the generous spirit of this community for no real benefit.
Choosing a house sitter is very subjective. Each home owner has a different standard, expectation and personality. What one homeowner might warrant as a 3 star, might rank as 5 stars to another home owner and it only takes one negative comment to destroy a house sitter’s reputation.
The vast majority of the tens of thousands of housesits that are completed every year are satisfying exchanges that are mutually beneficial for all parties. We feel that quality references, timely communication, satisfactory completed housesits and personal histories are the best indicator of a house sitter’s reputation.
House sitters genuinely want to do a great job for their owner and homeowners genuinely want to make the house sitter’s stay comfortable and enjoyable. Good character and common courtesy drive our members to perform well.

For those rare occasions when a home sitter or home owner has experienced a problem, we are always available to address complaints about members and we do take appropriate action. When needed, we have a thorough complaints procedure.

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