Discovering the Area of Your Housesitting Assignment

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25 May, 2016

Discovering the Area of Your Housesitting Assignment

It is exciting to stay in comfortable, rent-free homes, explore cities and towns, discover new places, and meet people from all over the world. Housesitting is a dream job for any travel enthusiast who wants to circumnavigate the globe on a dime. As the housesitting trend grows, people from all countries and cultures are looking into it.

For housesitters, particularly new ones, it can be somewhat intimidating to settle into a foreign place. You may experience cultural shock and difficulty adjusting to an unfamiliar house and environment. However, the more housesitting assignments you do, the easier it is to fit in.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy a new housesitting assignment without any hassle.

Get the 'feel' for the area

Once you get a housesitting assignment confirmed, Google the location, check out its attractions, resources, weather and read the latest news in local newspapers and regional periodicals. Doing your homework is a must for your own safety and comfort. Just because the homeowner has chosen to live there doesn't mean you will want too.

Other things things to research are the nearest grocery stores, malls, entertainment and hospitals.

If you have online businesses or require a good internet connection, do your research on what companies are providing internet services, connectivity and rates.

Sometimes it gets frustrating living in a country where they speak a language you don’t know so learn the basic words and phrases in advance. It will save you a lot of trouble, tears and playing dumb charades at the local store.

Ask the homeowner for a quick tour

Ask the homeowner if it's possible to give you a quick tour of their town. You can meet their neighbors, find out about the best hangout spots, malls, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, pharmacies and other points of interest. Once you've made acquaintances and familiarized yourself with the new surroundings, it's much easier to adapt.

Get to know the house

While it's thrilling to travel, living in a stranger's house can be a bit unnerving. Before you move in, take time to check out the house. Is it old? A bungalow? An apartment or condo? An estate with a large property. A farm? Pictures and videos of the house are very helpful. Don't hesitate to inquire about how the house works. From their security system and wireless router to the laundry room and the broken step on the staircase, it's good to know the details so you are prepared.

Look for the top-rated places

A change of scene is definitely exciting! Can you imagine waking up to a different scenery every other month? Housesitting gives you that opportunity. Before you leave for the place, make a list of top-rated spots you'd like to see. Be it restaurants, shopping malls, beaches or bars, check reviews, services and price ranges for these places online.

It's only a matter of time before you settle in and start to enjoy your stay. After a couple of days, you'll get used to the area, its people and your new house. You'll meet new people, you may come across a perfect beach and your temporary neighbors could be your potential new best friends.

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