Getting Your Pets Ready for the Housesitter

10 Aug, 2016

Getting Your Pets Ready for the Housesitter

Once you’ve confirmed your housesitter, there are a number of things you should do to get your pets ready for their arrival. The better prepared you are, the better your housesitter can take care of your pet and make it a stress-free experience.

Items to prepare before the housesitter arrives:

  • Stock up on items the housesitter will need including, food, kitty litter, any medication, etc.
  • Keep food, toys, leashes, treats, cleaning equipment, etc. in a convenient location for the housesitter.
  • Clean the kennels, bedding, cages or aquariums, etc. just before housesitter arrives so they know the standard you expect them to adhere to.
  • Write down the schedule to which your pet is accustomed. The less their schedule is upset, the better for both the housesitter and your pet.
  • If your pet is primarily an inside animal, check that all the locks on doors and windows are working properly. If you use a gate to restrain their movement, make sure it is good shape.
  • Remove any potentially dangerous objects, electrical cords and cleaning fluids and store them in a cupboard or closet.
  • If your pet has a frequently used escape route from the property, make sure it is fixed so that the housesitter does not land up with a missing pet.
  • Keep the phone number of your vet (including an emergency number) beside your phone in case it is needed.
  • Make sure you have a neighbor, relative or friend who knows your pets on standby just in case the housesitter needs advice or has to drop the pets off for any reason.

Getting your pet ready:

  • Make sure that your pet is licensed and has all the appropriate identification tags, microchip, etc.
  • Have your pet registered at the local animal shelters in case they are lost and picked up.
  • If your pet has any health problems or medication needs, ensure there is enough for the time you are away.
  • Let you pet know that you are leaving. They will sense that a change is in the air. The more you can help them adjust, the less stress they will have to deal with.

Being prepared will ensure you have left the housesitter prepared for any situation and your pets will be taken care to the best of the housesitter’s abilities. Remember the above is a guideline and some of it may not be relevant to you or your situation.

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