Care of Farm Animals Required

Alice Peterson

Care of Farm Animals Required

  • Fairview, Oregon, USA
  • Posted 2 years ago
  • This position has been filled

Why We Need a Housesitter

My husband and I are looking forward to three weeks off from our daily farm chores to travel to New Zealand. Although the responsibilities of a house sitter may look intimidating, there is a routine to follow and it goes quicker than you’d think!

What is Required of the House Sitter

We are looking for a responsible, animal loving house sitter to care for our 2 dogs, 1 cat, 9 chickens, and 2 (non milking) goats. There will be daily care of farm animals each morning and evening. The dogs will need to be fed and then walked every few hours around the house with one longer walk per day. Kitty will need some time being petted and cuddled and her litter box cleaned.

Our Home and Property

Our farm house is located on ten acres of forested trails and 20 minutes from the Columbia Gorge. Mount Hood is a 45 minute drive from our house. Relax in our cozy farmhouse, snuggling with our two terriers and cat. The terrain is hilly and can be very muddy so this is best suited for someone who is physically able.


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