Andree Vaillancourt


Andree Vaillancourt

Your ideal neat and tidy practical House Sitters!

  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Updated 1 year ago

A Brief Snapshot

We are two retired women (young seniors…) who love travelling and enjoy life to the fullest! Andrée is the practical one with lots of experience fixing almost anything in a house. Arlene is an experienced pet walker/sitter. We have both done house sitting in the past.

Why I Want to House Sit

Because we know that we will do a great job and people can rely on us. We are very conscientious and love pets. We love exploring different parts of Canada and this is a perfect fit for us.

What I Offer the Home Owner

We have experience in house construction and are very practical when it comes to fixing problems. We also have experience house sitting, looking after cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and chickens. We are quick to learn and can communicate with the owners promptly when needed. We enjoy simplicity and serenity.


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