Frances Schagen


Frances Schagen

Green Thumb Mother and Daughter

  • Canada
  • Updated 1 year ago

A Brief Snapshot

Almost all the kids have flown the coop. My youngest Valerie and I want to travel for the last few years she before she flies off, too.

I homesteaded for a while with goats, chickens, pigs and rabbits and have always had an organic garden. I’m great with plants, gardens and animals. I work from my laptop so great wifi is my only requirement.

Why I Want to House Sit

Some call it location independent, some might call it homeless. I've always had the dual urges to travel and to make a home. This way I can do both. I don't want stuff or to set up a household but I love to cook and a comfy bed. I'm at an age where roughing it doesn't appeal to me. Most of my work is online so I can live wherever I want. My business is working with small business owners around the world so it makes sense for me to travel right now and I want to experience more of the world by living in many different places. Neat how that works out.

What I Offer the Home Owner

I will look after your garden - windowsill to acres. I will lovingly look after your critters. I am mature and discreet.


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