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John and Denise

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A Brief Snapshot

Profile Image shows us standing abreast the equator in Ecuador.

Hi, I (John) am a semi-retired internet consultant who is able to continue working anywhere with internet access and Denise has just retired from her vocation as an intermediate school teacher on Auckland’s North Shore.
We are both in a ‘second relationship’ having parented 4 children each previous to our current relationship, these 8 children (and an ever increasing number of grandchildren) are now located around the globe, we both love pets having looked after our own cats, dogs, chickens, tropical fish, rabbits and guinea pigs when our children were growing up.
Over the last couple of decades we have spent several weeks every year travelling and we decided long ago it would be best not to have any new pets of our own so interacting with other people’s pets has been great.
We recently sold our home in Auckland with the intent to travel the world independently keeping an eye open for somewhere to retire.

Why I Want to House Sit

We are newly retired, financially independent and both have the travel bug. It is our goal to spend some years travelling the globe and we are making pet and house sitting a part of our lives, not to save money but to get a taste of real people's lives in different countries and pet sitting has enabled us to do this. We started doing pet and house sitting in NZ last year and spent Christmas New Year pet sitting in Portugal prior to heading off to South America mid 2016. We have had several assignments to date, plus one repeat pet sit and they have all been great experiences. Spending time in new environments has been enlivening and looking after other people's pets has been like cream on the cake. We have been to South and Central America several times previously and are currently traveling in a Northerly direction, we began this trip in Buenos Aires in early July and traveled north through Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador and are now in Medellin Colombia where we have a pet sitting assignment over Christmas and are open for other possibilities in Colombia over the coming months before heading further North on-route to Mexico.

What I Offer the Home Owner

Please read the references on our personal and professional pet and house sitting websites. As well as being responsible pet owners we have practical experience having owned and looked after our own homes and investment rental properties for many years. We are resourceful and capable of handling almost any issue that may arise, John trained as a mechanical engineer in the 1960s and enjoys DIY and building projects around the home. Denise trained as a teacher, she enjoys informing John when and how things need to be done. ;-))


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