Marta Abel


Marta Abel

single, non-smoking female with experience pet/house sitting around the world

  • Orlando, FL, United States
  • Updated 1 year ago

A Brief Snapshot

Hi, I’m Marta from the US and the land of Mickey (Orlando, FL). Thanks to some careful planning and a thrifty year, I’ve been able to take a career break and am currently exploring the world. While I love to experience all of these new places and what they offer, after 20 months of travel, I’m also interested in slowing down for a bit and immersing myself in one location. I’m 36 and in my normal life, I’m an HR Manager by profession (Human Resources/Personnel), with responsibilities of 1,000+ people. I’m also a non-smoker and a previous home-owner, so I’m used to taking care of a property through housekeeping and general maintenance. It’s been a few years since I’ve had my own pet, but my roommate had a Lab mix that I helped take care of for the year prior to my travels in addition to helping many friends and family care for their furry loved ones while they’ve been away from home. As I’m already out of the country, I am not having the easiest time getting my criminal check. I would be glad to provide information to perform a check on the open criminal search engines for Florida in the meantime or send you the information myself.

In November 2016, after 21 months of travel around the world, I’m returning to the US. I am open to assignments that are 10 days or so (or longer) throughout the country.

Why I Want to House Sit

As mentioned, I am looking for inventive ways to slow down while I'm on this amazing journey to allow for more of an honest experience in some of the locations I travel to. I'm open to most assignments and given enough notice, I can adjust my travel plans. The friend that I was traveling with left in October '15, so this afforded me the opportunity to switch tracks and focus my travels a little more. I've honestly found pet sitting to be the perfect mix for me: companionship and solitude at the same time!

What I Offer the Home Owner

I've always been the responsible one in a group from as far back as I can remember. In my normal life, I organize a lot of things for a lot of people, both personally and professionally. I love animals and, believe it or not, housework. I've completed nine house sitting assignments (4 with cats, 6 with dogs) through the THS site in addition to helping out family and friends throughout the years with their homes and furry families, including a 2-weeks in Australia for friends in February '16 with 2 small dogs.


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