Thierry MASSA


Thierry MASSA

Ultra Long Distance Runners - Certified Pet Sitters -

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Updated 1 year ago

A Brief Snapshot

– French Japanese Married Couple with more than half Century life experience
– Financially secured & Fully Retired since 2007
– Ultra long distance Runners
& – – Certified Pet sitters by Japan Pet-sitter Association – –

Why I Want to House Sit

Pet sitting is an incredibly satisfying lifestyle choice -•- We are pursuing a better and healthier lifestyle as Full Time Pet sitters -•- Helping pet owners by nurturing their Loved ones is what we do Best -•- Allowing You a complete peace of mind and guilt free travel -•- We retired in 2007 and been Running around the World ever since -•- We walked and ran on 7 Continents -•- We became Certified PET Sitters By Dedication, Love and Demand -•- We are strong supporters of the RuffTail Runners program that encourages runners to run with shelter dogs, giving the dogs a little more exercise “off-campus”, away from the stressful shelter environment. As a result, they are better-adjusted, healthier, and therefore, more adoptable.

What I Offer the Home Owner

Our Pet Sitting Qualification with 5-year full-time Pet sitting experiences undeniably differentiate us from regular House Sitters -•- We don't Pet Sit to Travel the World for Free -•- We walked and ran on 7 continents for 5 years prior becoming dedicated Certified Pet sitters -•- In exchange for the Love of your Pets and Home you are offering us . We thrive and are proud assisting you -•- • With Cats; " Thierry had established a real relationship with Totoro " - Aline - March 2016 -•- We understand and provide Cats the 3 most important & basic needs " Security, Comfort, and Lot of Love —” along with few more tangible : Play, Grooming, and attention to Feeding -•- - A serene Cat being a healthy Cat - -•- -•- • With Dogs, from Diet to Training -•- We balance : “ Exercise, Discipline, and Affection —” - Videos worth more than a thousand words - Watch our profile video : - - or more on our web site: -•- -•- " They Exercised them twice a day going for beautiful long walks, taking care to dry them after rain. Entertainment was also provided, with Games and Affection. " - Julie and David - Feb 2016 -•- A more confident and obedient dog is a much safer Dog : " Most notably, Thierry worked intensively with our youngest dog to help him overcome his extreme fear of almost everything -- wind, flags, motorcycles, strangers, you name it -- enough to take a proper walk. He now sits, waits, heels and is able to cross busy streets without freaking out. He still needs work, but Thierry left us with something solid to start with, and it is a pleasure to see dog G exude a level of confidence that we had resigned ourselves to never seeing in his lifetime. It's made a tremendous difference in our walks with him and in his interaction in with the other animals ; it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it has made all of our lives easier. " - Robyn - Sept /Oct 2015 -•- • and to Human - House Owners : we bring Expertise and Peace of Mind " They looked after my house amazingly, which was on the market ... They were also in constant touch with the real estate organizing open houses and allowing prospective buyers visits at any time ..." - Marion - April 2015 - -•- Thank You -- Looking forward sitting for You !


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