Top 5 Benefits of Housesitters for the Homeowners

27 Jul, 2016

Top 5 Benefits of Housesitters for the Homeowners

Housesitting is a win-win situation for both the housesitters and the homeowner. While most of the attention is on the perks of being a housesitter, there are several benefits for homeowners as well.

To begin with, housesitting offers a useful convenience. You don't have to depend on family or friends – or an expensive housesitting agency – to keep an eye on your home and pets. Using a professional, live-in housesitter can be a big relief reliever.

Here are the top five benefits of having a housesitter.

1. You can take a longer vacation

Owning a house comes with many responsibilities. You can't just vacate your home and fly off to utopia. You have bills to pay, pets to take care of and a big old house to keep safe and sound. Be it a week in the wilderness or a month at an island resort, you can travel the world for as long as you want without having to worry. You have a housesitter taking care of your home and pets. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

2. You’ll enjoy a stress-free getaway

Vacations are to be enjoyed. If your house is left empty – an insurance company’s no-no – you’ll constantly worry and fret over what might happen. However, you can put that burden on the housesitter and relax. If something goes wrong, your housesitter will deal with it.

3. Your pets will be happier

If you're going on a two or three day vacation, it's fine to request a neighbor or friend to look after your pets. However, with a longer duration, it's not okay to put that kind of responsibility on your friends or family. Most pets aren't fond of big changes. They are less likely to feel abandoned if they are living in their own homes. Their lifestyle isn’t disrupted and they quickly accommodate the new ‘owner’. Housesitters won't just feed your pets, they'll play with them, walk them and do their best to make them feel loved.

4. Your house will be secure

A home that looks lived in is much less likely to attract attention. An empty house will an unkempt lawn and garden can attract thieves, burglars and other problems such as vandalism and rodents. There will be no one around to monitor such things as alarms and smoke detectors, plumbing breaks or the impact of nasty weather. Additionally, most insurance companies will not allow a house to be vacant for more than 72 hours without someone checking in. Is it really worth leaving your most prized possession unattended?

5. You save money

A housesitter saves you a lot of money. You won't get behind paying your bills, your garden will get looked after, you won't have to pay a petsitter to tend daily to your pets, and you don't have to rush back home if there's a small emergency. Housesitters will happily take care of those things for you. It’s their job!

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