Things to Discuss With Your Housesitter

13 Jul, 2016

Things to Discuss With Your Housesitter

For the travel enthusiast, housesitting is ideal. They get to live in a comfortable home for a duration of time while exploring the local environment at a minimal expense. On the other hand, homeowners are leaving their homes and pets to a complete stranger. But there is no need to worry. Once you have found your perfect housesitter from a trustworthy source, you can put your mind at ease and set out on your adventure.

However, remember discuss the following things with your housesitter before you leave.

1. Whether it's your security system, the laundry room or entertainment unit, explain how your house 'works' in detail. Show your housesitter the electrical meter, the plumbing shut off, the internet router, and all the necessary passwords they will need to know.

2. If you have pets, write down their routine and needs. The list should include the pet’s personality, food preferences, medications and their daily routine. A thorough checklist will prevent stressed out housesitters, aggravated pets and frequent phone calls.

3. Make a list of emergency contact numbers and post it on the fridge. The list should include your immediate family members, doctor, veterinarian, fire department and the internet service provider. Your mobile number as well as the number of the hotel you'd be staying at should be there too, so they can get in touch with you.

4. Be frank about any rules you'd want them to follow, whether it’s using your groceries, toiletries, computer or inviting someone over. Setting boundaries is an essential part of building trust.

5. If your house has unusual quirks – a questionable dishwasher, sticky locks, or a broken garage door – let your housesitter know. They are taking responsibility for your home and that includes all of its foibles.

6. Tell your housesitter of any potential guests who may pay a visit while you’re gone. It could be a family member, a friend, a nosy neighbor or an old aunt you tend to forget about.

7. Let your neighbors know that there'll be a housesitter looking after your home. Introduce them if possible and leave an extra key with them. Moreover, if any of your neighbors have any peculiar habits, it's best to let your housesitter know.

8. Notify the housesitter if you're expecting any important mail or packages and what to do with them.

9. One often forgotten area to cover is garbage, compost and recyclables.

10. If your housesitter is new to your area, show them around or leave brochures on the local attractions. Let them know where to buy groceries and medicines, show them the nearest hospital or a medical center and where to walk your pets. This will ensure they also have an enjoyable experience.

Once you've made your checklist, go over it to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. And remember to write down the housesitter’s cell number just in case. You’re now ready to enjoy your long-awaited holiday in peace!

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