Trustworthy Housesitters Pay Attention to the Little Things

27 Apr, 2016

Trustworthy Housesitters Pay Attention to the Little Things

If you want to stand out from other housesitters, you need to provide the little things that make a difference. Little things like:

A sincere love of all animals. Most people consider their pets a part of the family. Love their pets as you would your own and they will respond in kind. Dogs and cats are very adaptable to new people and with the right amount of love they will quickly settle in to the new human in their lives. You want their pets to be sorry to see you leave at the end of the housesit.

A housesitting contract. While many people don’t bother, especially if there is an established relationship and trust, a housesitter’s agreement brings clarity and understanding to the arrangement. If necessary, work with the agreement until both parties are happy with the result. That way everything is in black and white and serves to protect all involved.

Provide ample references from happy homeowners. Good references have a great influence. If it's your first housesitting assignment, you can acquire references from past employers and teachers to vouch for your capabilities, skills and character.

Bring your own food. Quite often the homeowner will want you to use up the perishables but unless they instruct otherwise, bring your own food. The way it usually works is to replace any food you used before the homeowners return.

Replace any toiletries. Like food, any bathroom supplies should be replaced.

Stay in touch. Even if it is just to say, “All is well on the home front”, staying in touch is essential. Use email, texting or Skype if necessary. Homeowners also enjoy seeing their pets, so a photo or two is always welcomed.

Mind their home as if it were your own. It goes without saying that housesitters with excellent reputations treat each housesit with a golden touch. Happy homeowners are the best source of new housesitting opportunities. Make sure they spread your reputation.

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