What Are the Risks of Using a House Sitter?

Housesitter from Hell
1 Jun, 2016

What Are the Risks of Using a House Sitter?

A responsible housesitter simply needs to look after the house, feed the pets, collect the mail, mow the lawn and water the plants. They get a great accommodation for free, and homeowners get to spend a carefree vacation. The house is secure so there’s little chance of break-ins or vandalism. The pets are happy and fed, the lawn and the yard is maintained. In short, a good housesitter is a blessing that will put a homeowner’s mind at ease.

It's not that hard to find a responsible housesitter from a reputable website, such as www.thehousesittersnetwork.com, where you can check out their profiles, review references and work experiences. You’ll also have a good idea of their personality during the housesitter’s interview. However, once in a while, you might have an unfortunate encounter with a housesitter from hell.

According to a number of homeowners and their experiences, these are the risks of using an unprofessional housesitter.

1. They may not take care of your home
The expression that no one takes care of your things like it’s their own is quite true. A careless housesitter won't bother to keep your place safe and sound. Chances are they might not even stay in the house at all! They're likely to leave the doors open, forget to pay the bills on time and water your plants. If they're avoiding your calls and aren't bothering to update you, you may have something to worry about.

2. They might steal and snoop around
Human beings have a curious nature, and any of us can fall prey to it. Obviously, no one would be happy if a stranger snoops around their house, binge on their costly drinks and steal money.

3. They might hurt your pets
We all want the best for our pets especially while we are away. Let's face it, not everyone is an animal person, but that doesn't mean you'd let the animal starve! A poor housesitter won't take care of your pet's psychological and physical needs. They'll leave your pet's water bowl and eating tray dirty, won't clean out the leftovers, won't play with them and the worst of all, they might hurt and shout at your pets.

4. They might damage your stuff
One homeowner came home to broken dishes, wrecked car and stained furnishings. You can imagine the horror. You probably must be wondering on how to avoid these issues. First of all, hire a housesitter from a source you trust. Conduct an interview, do a background search, and allow them to get to know your pets. Secondly, be frank and list out all your rules. You can even install a webcam to keep things in check.
If you’re worried about your privacy, lock away your expensive drinks, important paperwork, and other valuables. Lock your drawers and shelves. Don't leave any money lying around except for some loose change.

If one of these things happens to you, make sure you lodge a complaint against them with the website you hired through. It's true that there are some risks involved in hiring a housesitter. However, when you do a complete background check, double-check references, and hire from a trustworthy source, it's unlikely that you'll have to deal with an incompetent housesitter.

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