Why a House Sitter Is Better Than Boarding Your Pet

House sitters are a pet's best friend
11 May, 2016

Why a House Sitter Is Better Than Boarding Your Pet

Going on a business trip, an out of town wedding or a luxury island retreat? You're excited but there's one issue troubling you. Who is going to take care of your beloved your dog? No matter how dearly you love your four-legged friend, you can't take them with you.

Whenever you plan a vacation, you also need to plan for your pets as well. Do you leave your cat with your parents? Will your neighbor walk the dog? Will your friend feed the parrot on time? The concerns are endless.

Pet owners are faced with several options such as dog kennels and catteries, pet boarding centers, petsitters and house sitters. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. The pet owner's decision is usually based on the type of pet they've, their pet's age, health, daily routine and habits, and the owner's previous experiences during their absence.

House sitting is the preferred option for pet owners who are going away for a long period of time. It is basically a arrangement in which a person will stay in your home in exchange for looking after your house and pets. House sitters are usually travelers who wish to explore other areas within a limited budget. In the end, both parties benefit from each other.

Here are five reasons why a house sitter is the best option for your pets:

1. Pets are happier at home
A house sitter allows your pet to stay in the comfort of their home. Their routine and habits aren’t adversely affected. They’ll enjoy the company of their new ‘house sitting’ friend’, probably miss you a little bit and just get on with their lives.

2. It prevents the risk of kennel diseases
Common diseases such as kennel cough, beaver fever and coccidiosis are prevalent in kennels and catteries. Your pet can easily pick up contagious infections, lice, worms and other diseases. This is even more of a concern if you have a kitten or a puppy. The immune system of young animals is not fully developed which makes them susceptible to such diseases.

3. Pets don't like being cooped up
Pets, especially cats and dogs, love to explore and play. Being in a boarding kennel will prevent them from roaming freely. They are already stressed due to the absence of their human companions. Being cooped up in a small space only adds to their discomfort.

4. Their routine does not get upset
The staff at kennels will feed and walk your pet according to the schedule of the kennel, not the schedule that your pet is used to. A house sitter on the other hand will stick to your pet's schedule. Cats and dogs in particular don't respond well to changes. The stress often results in vomiting, irregular bowel function, sleep disturbances and loss of appetite. The same old water bowl, toys and bed give them a sense of ease.

5. House sitters are way less expensive!
Not only it's better for your pet's mental and physical well being, appointing a house sitter won't cost you a dime. They will ensure that your pet is happy, clean, loved and well fed. Furthermore, they will also look after your house, maintain its security, collect your mail, tend to your plants and deal with any unexpected issues.... all for FREE!

And to you pet, this is the life as it should be!

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